Aspen Fly Fishing

In my three summers working at Aspen Music Festival and School I took up fly fishing. Being in the water, with the fish (and sometimes the bears) is a great change of pace for this city girl.

Pike Place Market

I am a (self-proclaimed) farmer's market aficionado. From Paris, France to Blacksburg, Virginia, if there's a market--I'll be there and I'll be there when it opens.

Any good mid-western girl knows that a farmers market opens at 7am. I showed up at 7am to get the very best this renowned market had to offer and it was completely empty, so empty it was still. After I got over a little self-righteous shock I realized I had the whole market to myself. I could walk the stalls, sit on the benches, & read the plaques. As it began to fill with vendors preparing for the day I realized that the construction of each stall was happening with the detail one puts into a piece of art coming together--and it was happening without pretense or pomp and circumstance. I was mesmerized.  Whenever I'm in Seattle I make a point of going to Pike's, getting coffee at the first Starbucks (no judgement, please), and watching the best show in Seattle followed by breakfast.

Las Vegas

I LOVE Las Vegas! It's classy (classy?), trashy, fun, crowded, solitary, bright, dark, sexy & kid friendly(???) all rolled into one big Bachanal burrito. The people watching is UNMATCHED!  When I go, I stay in a hotel I know I'll love and take advantage of all of that hotel's amenities. That makes each trip a COMPLETELY new experience--what other city can you say that about?