The Menil Collection: Surrealism

This collection is in my neighborhood & haunts me. I think about its oddities, beauty, rarity and bravado frequently. It embodies artistic bravery. 

Cy Twombly

When I'm lucky to have a weekend afternoon I refuel my own sense of artistic bravery by soaking up the beauty of the Cy Twombly.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Sure, there are larger, more prestigious museums in the world, but if you haven't been here then you are missing a little something in the Midwest. As a child my mother would take us here fairly frequently. It is as present a childhood memory for me as Royals baseball games & barbeque. Since the late 80's it has expanded and changed but the impact of those paintings, sculptures, walls & statues will always be a part of my creative process.

Jane Austen

Call me old fashioned, predictable or what ever you'd like but I prefer to think of myself as one with excellent taste (wink). These books in this publisher's hands are not only beautiful but are lessons in every page. The annotations include pictures, short collegiate style lectures and pertinent historical information that make these stories not just entertaining but lessons in a lifestyle that has long been eschewed. I am transported when I read these.

Kimberly Snyder

One review of Ms. Snyder's books referred to her as a "fat shaming vegan." Based on that review I bought the book--and here's why. I'm a meat-lovin'-midwestern-girl but I appreciate a different view point and am always open to learning new ways of life. I was looking for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and this was it. Don't worry, I still eat meat, but using some of her principals and recipes I have noticed a change in my health, energy level & skin. 

Jim Carrey

Oh, Jim Carrey. The character comedian of my childhood. I like his site and his bravery... or is it foolishness? Regardless, it's worked well for him.